Friday, November 30, 2007

Comment Moderations

I guess I need to moderate the comments to avoid being Mickied again. Sigh...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Step One

I've been a member of the AA program since I got sober, but have never done the steps. I really want to do them, and now that my sponsor has decided to start a women's step meeting in her home, I jumped at the chance. We are reading 12 Steps and 12 Traditions, a book which I've owned for a while but never read.

Step One is admitting I am powerless over alcohol and the my life had become unmanageable. This has been a bit of a stumbling block for me. I am a high bottom drunk. I never really had the jackpots other people had. And without them, the thought that maybe I could drink again likes to make its way into my brain space on occasion.

So it's good to focus tonight on the ways my life had become unmanageable due to alcohol and how I was powerless over it:

Waking up every day feeling like shit, bloated and hungover.

Swearing that I would not pick up a drink that day, and really meaning it, only to find myself at the package store picking up wine that evening.

Being depressed, stuck, irritable, angry, incapable of any emotion but negative ones.

Shutting my kids out emotionally, as well as my husband.

Drinking more than I intended to every single time I picked up a drink. Hating it when I had to drink more slowly in case others noticed. Impatiently waiting for the server to come back and give me a refill when I was out at a restaurant. Stocking up on lots of wine, in case I had to share with company.

Drinking before the party and afterwards to make up for the moderation I had to endure while AT the party

Blackouts--driving my kids home in a blackout one night. Especially when I prided myself on the one thing that I never did at least was drive drunk.

Sneaking vodka into my cranberry juice when the one bottle of wine I had promised myself I would limit myself to ran out before I got the buzz I needed.

Ignoring the pain in my right side for four years because I was afraid it might mean I had physically damaged myself by my drinking. And continuing to drink all those years.

I am so grateful today that I am sober.

I do not want to go back out to prove that I am an alcoholic and to make my life any more unmanageable than it was. I was lucky to get off the elevator before the DUIs, the jackpots, the losses that I could have had if I had continued on the path I was on.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I am very thankful for:

My second sober Thanksgiving. This year I have no fear that I will be tempted to pick up.

That I've been on track with Weight Watchers for two weeks now (and my treadmill program since August) and I've already worked out today. I am going to be careful about what I eat today, but I plan to enjoy a moderate portion of all my favorites.

That it's a beautiful unseasonably warm day today which means 24 of us will not be crowding into my parents' tiny house. We can be outside where we like to be.

That one of my college roommates, also sober, is coming for a visit on Saturday night.

That I am going to take the train into town tomorrow with my daughter for a little shopping in Harvard Square.

That I have so much to be grateful for today!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Life's been busy, but I'm okay

My poor neglected blog...I've been out of the blogosphere for some time, it seems. Life just got very busy is all. I am sober nearly 15 months, by the grace of God. Things are mostly good, which is probably why I haven't posted, lol.

Hope all are well out there. I need to catch up with all of your blogs.

Today I am grateful for:

Many mornings without a hangover

Strong coffee in the early morning

Autumn in New England

For keeping my commitment to myself and the strength to do so

That it's Friday!