Friday, April 14, 2006

not just Good Friday but Great Friday!

A bit blasphemic, but it's always a great Friday when I have the day off and the whole week off afterwards, plus I'm going to the Carribean--yee ha!

It has been a busy week and I've been hard pressed to read everybody's blog, let alone post on my own.

I have no concerns about not drinking on this vacation. My addictive self has made some complaints about no booze in paradise but I've been reminding him (my addictive voice is a guy, go figure) that there is no true relaxation in a bottle and Jimmy Buffett probably doesn't even drink anymore himself. Plus, I have kept on the Antabuse and will be back home before it is safe to drink again. (Trust in God, but row like hell...)

My gratitude list:

waking up every day since my last post without a hangover

that I get to go to the Carribean and take vacations with my family

for the spring peepers and their annual evening chorus heralding spring

for the beautiful full moon last night

for the Red Sox and April baseball

for the pedicure I am going to get today

Friday, April 07, 2006

THPIF (thank higher power it's Friday)

This week has been a tiring one. I think I'm still a little off from the time change. I haven't been able to get to sleep until midnight so I've been draggy during the day. Can't wait to sleep late tomorrow. The only thing I got going this weekend is a fundraising party for the local schools. Alcohol will be there so I don't plan to stay long. I will have my husband bring me home after an hour or so and he can return if he feels the need.

Gratitude list:

waking up without a hangover this morning

it's Friday!!!

the news that I may get a new position at work and get out from under a nice, but grossly ineffective manager

the sound of my 9 year old son's laughter (albeit at his own farts)

a sunny April day

Monday, April 03, 2006

30 day chip

today is 30 days for me. I'm happy to (once again) reach this milestone. I'm a little troubled that I haven't been forthcoming about my length of sober time with my online recovery group. They know I drank during the holidays but I haven't let on that it lasted well past that. It's just hard to face that failure yet again. But I wanted to let someone know anyway so you guys are it.

Today I am grateful for:

waking up without a hangover

sleeping until 10:45 on Saturday morning--eek!

new spring clothes that are pretty stylish even if larger than I'd like

the opening of my favorite summer restaurant

fried scallops

friends who don't even notice that I didn't order a drink

my sister's 40th birthday party and no temptation to drink whatsoever

my little 5 month old niece who really seems to like me

that there's an extra bed in the house for when my husband's snoring keeps me awake