Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ratting out my addictive voice

My addictive voice was pretty vocal today, thinking about my upcoming vacation in two weeks, as well as a fundraiser I need to attend next week. It's trying to convince me to stop taking Antabuse (I take Antabuse on the "pray for help, but row like hell" theory of recovery) and let myself drink for those events. So I'm ratting it out here.

I know I'm supposed to take things one day at a time but the little bastard likes to look ahead to possible mischief. In any event, I'm going to keep taking the damn pill at least until after the vacation.

Today I am grateful for:

another morning without a hangover

some interesting things to do at work

the vegetarian meal I made tonight and the brownie I followed it up with

my husband taking my thirteen year old shopping for clothes tonight

the beautiful weather we had in MA today

that tomorrow's Friday

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

still sober

Made it through the ski trip no problem. As it turned out, the mom stayed behind with one of her kids sick and my son also ended up sick, so there was no drunk fest at all. I hate to be grateful for sick kids, but I kind of am!!

My son is feeling much better and I'm glad that I didn't drink. I did get some skiing in and it was a nice last blast for the season.

My gratitude list:

continuing to wake up daily without a hangover

skiing not half bad this weekend

mountain views

Reed's ginger beer

early to bed and early to rise

the Sopranos

a successful early business meeting

Friday, March 24, 2006


I am exhausted; hence, the name of this post. I wish I could say I look forward to a restful weekend but my family is going skiing with another family, which will be anything but. Plus, the parents are drinkers and so I will have to endure the three of them (them and my husband) partying it up. I won't drink. I will excuse myself and go to bed early.

Gratitude list:

Waking up without a hangover. Will always be at the top of my list.

Morning coffee.

Audiobooks for long car rides

Black raspberry ice cream with chocolate chips

Deep sleep

Email from old friends

Email from new friends (including people who leave comments here)

For Fridays

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I am grateful today for:

waking up wonderfully refreshed and not hungover

the opportunity to learn something new at work

Dunkin Donuts coffee

Iggy Pop and Ipods

that my kids are old enough to be left alone for a half hour or so

that I'm silly enough to enjoy American Idol with them

home made crab cakes for dinner

recovery blogs to check out

celebrity gawker blogs to giggle at

a new book waiting upstairs for me and that I will remember what I read tonight when I wake up tomorrow

And I didn't think I'd have much to say in this post!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday Monday

I am grateful today for another weekend sober. It truly gets easier as time goes by to stay away from the jug.

I didn't accomplish much this weekend but I did visit my parents who live about an hour away from me. They are both in their 80s and Dad was hospitalized last week for an infected toe. The doctor was worried about blood clots, rightly so as it turned out. Dad didn't bother to shave while he was in and I was bit taken back by how old he looks when he doesn't shave. He shaved while I was there and it took a decade off of him at least.

I love my parents and I am going to miss them when they pass. We had a nice visit yesterday, catching up on some stuff. My brother showed up too with his new baby daughter so it was fun seeing the generations gather.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Drinking thoughts

I was having little niggling drinking thoughts tonight. Probably prompted by feeling ineffectual at work and also by the fact that my husband is away for a couple of days. I used to like to get some wine and kick back when that happened.

But I didn't.

I also have thoughts creeping in of next week when another family is coming on a ski trip with us. These people like their cocktails and the thought of it is making me wish I could drink too.

I won't. WishI didn't have to do the weekend though.

Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm going to try to blog again

I'm here and I'm sober. I wish I could say continuously since New Year's but I can't. However, I'm doing okay now and I feel good. I am going to try to blog more since being in the blog recovery community really helped in the past.